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Ahlstrom-Munksjö Paper Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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Company Description: Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. Our mission is "Sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions". This means that we want to expand the use of fibers to support sustainable everyday life. Our offering includes filter materials, release liners, food and beverage processing materials, decor papers, abrasive and tape backings, electrotechnical paper, glass fiber materials, medical fiber materials and solutions for diagnostics as well as a range of specialty papers for industrial and consumer end-uses. Our annual net sales is about EUR 2.7 billion and we employ some 7,800 people. Read more at www.ahlstrom- 奥斯龙明士克集团是一家提供高性纤维材料的高科技跨国企业,致力于为客户提供不断创新和可持续发展的解决方案。我们的目标是把纤维材料的解决方案应用到生活的方方面面。我们的产品包括过滤介质,美纹纸,装饰纸,食品包装和标签,磨料背衬,电工纸,玻璃纤维材料,隔离衬垫,医用纤维材料和诊断解决方案以及一系列工业使用和消费者使用的特种纸等。公司员工达7800多名,年度净销售额达27亿欧元。更多信息,请登录: www.ahlstrom-
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