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Company Description: Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements headquartered in Vantaa, Finland. Vaisala’s premium measurement solutions enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making – for a sustainable future on our planet. We have two global business areas that develop, manufacture, and market innovative products and services for environmental and industrial measurement. Our Weather and Environment Business Area serves selected weather-dependent markets where accurate, real-time, uninterrupted, and reliable weather data is essential to run efficient operations. Our Industrial Measurements Business Area serves industrial customers in life science, power transmission, and targeted industrial applications. It offers a broad range of measurement instruments to ensure operational quality and productivity. We invest 14 % of our net sales in R&D and our pride is our state of the art in-house clean room, sensor production, manufacturing and science-based technology leadership. We are headquartered in Finland and employ approximately 1,900 professionals worldwide and are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.
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