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Company Description: DNV is an independent assurance and risk management provider, operating in more than 100 countries, with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Whether assessing a new ship design, qualifying technology for a floating wind farm, analysing sensor data from a gas pipeline or certifying a food company's supply chain, DNV enables its customers and their stakeholders to manage technological and regulatory complexity with confidence.  As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our broad experience and deep expertise to advance safety and sustainable performance, set industry standards, and inspire and invent solutions.  DNV是风险管理和保障方面的独立专业机构,业务遍及100多个国家。凭借其广泛的经验与深厚的专业知识,DNV推动安全与可持续绩效的发展,制订行业基准,启迪并发明解决方案。 无论是评估新船设计、优化风电场绩效、分析天然气管道的传感器数据还是认证食品公司的供应链,DNV助力客户及其利益相关方在做出关键决策时充满信心。 凭籍捍卫生命和财产、保护环境的企业宗旨,DNV 帮助客户与全世界应对当前面临的挑战与全球转型,为许多世界上最成功、最具前瞻思维的公司提供可靠的意见。
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