Review: FBCS Luncheon Seminar - Cost Management in Everyday Sourcing Practice

Published Wed / June 13 / 2012


"Everyday sourcing practice: If you don't know it, you can't manage it." - Capacent

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CSR Initiative: Nordic Pearl Class 2012 - Do Good, Do Well

Published Sat / June 2 / 2012

Pearl Class

Nordic Pearl Class is a joint CSR initiative among the Nordic community in China. This pre-screened and carefully chosen charity project enables students (Pearls) who show academic excellence but lack financial support to attend high schools.

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Review: Members Only - FBCS visit to Shanghai General Motors Plant

Published Sun / May 27 / 2012

GM 25.5

FBCS is delighted to host a members only visit to the Shanghai General Motors factory on 25th of May. The visit was followed by a cheerful dinner and an after-party with a Finnish band. With more than 40 participants the event was a stellar success.

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Review: FBCS Luncheon Seminar - Rovio's China Success Story

Published Thu / May 17 / 2012

Paul Chen

The appeal of simplicity with a challenge

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Review: FBCS Breakfast Seminar - Manage Fraud Risks in China

Published Wed / May 16 / 2012


On the 3rd of May, we invited Mr. Henrik Lind and Ms. Bonnie Wong, Partners of LindAndersson, to share their thoughts on how to detect, prevent and manage fraudulent activities. Nearly 30 professionals attended the interactive seminar.

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Review: Nordic YP - The Internet, Social Media and Marketing in China

Published Thu / May 10 / 2012

YP 10.5.12

What lies ahead for the internet, social media and marketing in China?

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Review: YP - Fast & Furious with Angry Birds

Published Sat / April 28 / 2012

Paul Chen

On the last Friday of April, the Finnish Young Professionals relived the excitement of Shanghai GP. Some 30 attendees enjoyed the engaging talk by Mr. Paul Chen, General Manager in China of the hottest Finnish company at the moment Rovio Entertainment.

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Review: FBCS Luncheon Seminar - The brand paradigm in China

Published Thu / April 19 / 2012


"If you wish to have a strong presence in the Chinese market in future years to come, you had better start working on your branding today, if not sooner" - Martin Stenberg, Rewir

On the 18th of April, we invited Mr. Martin Stenberg, Country Manager of Rewir, to share his thoughts on how a solid brand strategy can help a company in tough times to succeed. Mr. Stenberg advised the companies in China on building competitive advantages based on a clear cut positioning and value proposition, and taking consequent actions to drive market perception. The companies should aim at becoming irreplaceable instead of only being on the market. 

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