Expat Finns Could Help the Internationalisation of Finnish Companies via the FinnCham Network

Published Sat / November 3 / 2012

Team Finland"On a concrete level, the biggest benefit would be the opening of doors" says Matti Suokko, the Finnish honorary consul in Seattle, on how expat Finns can help the internationalisation of Finnish companies. "A Finnish expat can let you in through the kitchen door, when you'd otherwise have to wait at the front door for quite a while", he continues in his video comments.

The 1.3 million Finnish expatriates should be engaged to support the internationalisation of Finnish companies in a more versatile and systematic way. This cooperation would be carried out via the Team Finland network, of which FinnCham is a part of.

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FBC Business Delegation to Jakarta, 18-20 November 2012

Published Sat / October 6 / 2012

Welcome to join a Business Delegation to Jakarta, 18-20 November 2012. The visit is co-organized by Finnish Business Council in Singapore and Embassy of Finland in Jakarta.

Please find the invitation, program and registration form below. Please note that the registration deadline is 19 October.

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Review: FBCS Breakfast Seminar - Chinese Workforce - The Challenge of the Me Generation

Published Mon / September 24 / 2012

LagerdahlOn Thursday 20th of September, we had the pleasure to invite Mrs. Charlotta Lagerdahl, Director at Eastwei MSL, to share the findings of the study of Generation More. Understanding the challenging Generation More is crucial for all companies looking to attract top talents in today’s competitive market. The study is based on 50 in-depth interviews with Chinese students graduating in the next three years,

The study finds that Generation More – students graduating from Chinese Universities between 2012-2014 - consists of children from single-child families with very different priorities from their parents as well as students who graduated only five years ago. This generation tends to be self-centered and overconfident, in addition to having a strong sense of self-worth.

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Review: FBCS Luncheon Seminar - Chinese Perceptions of Finnish Leadership Competence

Published Sun / September 16 / 2012


"The legitimacy to lead relies on a perception of competence; in order to be accepted as a leader, one needs to be perceived as competent by the followers." – Leena Luckas

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Review: FBCS Golf 7.9

Published Fri / September 7 / 2012

On Friday 7th of September, FBCS hosted the annual golf tournament at Lakes Course, Binhai Golf Club in Nanhui. Try Real Money Casino Maple Leaf and win jackpot online! This year, we had 23 players with both ladies and gentlemen represented. Moreover, we also had participants from Suzhou. Despite a half-an-hour break due to the unplayable weather, participants enjoyed the game.


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Participate in the internationalisation and trade barrier survey

Published Mon / September 3 / 2012

Internationalisation and trade barrier survey to identify challenges facing Finnish companies in import and export

Does your company have internationalisation plans? Have you already selected your markets? Has your company encountered barriers related to the import and export of goods, services or investments? Do licensing and certification requirements differ for domestic companies as compared to your company? Does public procurement favour domestic companies?

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Review: Joint Chamber Breakfast Seminar - Key Milestones for the Upcoming Leadership Transition

Published Mon / June 25 / 2012


One of the highlights of China's political calendar, the annual meeting of the National People's Congress (NPC), took place in March. This year's meeting was the last of its kind before China's upcoming leadership change unfolds next year. China's leaders made sure that events inside the conference hall went according to plan, but the meeting itself was overshadowed by events outside, including the public sacking of leadership contender Bo Xilai, the growing power of social media, and public calls for reform.

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