Kauppapolitiikka: Foreign employees must join the Chinese social insurance system

Published Fri / June 3 / 2011

Foreigners working in China for more than six months must join the Chinese social insurance system during July. This brings extra costs to employees as well as the employers. For example in Beijing costs can be over 500 euros per month for each employee. Related regulations are still being drafted on different levels of the government. The law attempts to unify the social security system and make the benefits transferable when employees change residence within China. The law, however, raises a lot of questions.

The story by the Embassy of Finland, published in the Kauppapolitiikka.fi in Finnish can befound here

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Kauppapolitiikka: Uusia veroja Kiinassa toimiville ulkomaisomisteisille yrityksille

Published Sun / December 5 / 2010

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