Review: Business Risk Expert in Suzhou

Published Wed / November 27 / 2013

Last week the Nordic Chambers got together and organized a luncheon seminar in Suzhou where the notable speaker Lars-Åke Severin, Founder and CEO of PSU (China) spoke about the titillating topic: "Business risks in the challenging environment of China". Mr. Severin highlighted that although most companies in the Chinese market are profitable or very profitable, and the vast majority consider the market environment very favorable, there are still major risks that companies fail to take into consideration.

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Review: New Visa Regulations in China

Published Fri / October 25 / 2013


With the ever-changing visa regulations, the Nordic chambers decided that an event concerning this topic was of utmost importance. On Wednesday the 23rd of October, we were pleased to welcome nearly 70 participants to the Regal International East Asia Hotel to hear about the new regulations. Cory Lam, Assistant Manager for Operations at Dezan Shira & Associates’ Shanghai office and well as other notable speakers discussed how the new visa regulations affect those already in China, how foreigners can be legally employed, what the penalties for non-complience are and what the 5 year rule actually is. The presentation also concerned tax implications of seconding a foreign employee to a Chinese subsidiary. All in all the event was a good chance for participants to share experiences concerning visa-issues and gain an understanding of where China is headed with the new regulations.

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Review: Joint Nordic Breakfast Seminar - Global economic outlook

Published Sun / September 22 / 2013

Early on the 12th of September, we were deligthed together with the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian chambers to invite Jan Häggström, Chief Economist and head of macro research at Svenska Handelsbanken to speak to our members about the current and forcasted macroeconomic situation globally. Over 50 participants listened to the presentation over breakfast at the Sofitel Hyland Hotel. Mr. Häggström accentuated the fact that the major drivers of global economic growth are no longer the established economies of EMU or Japan, but more the emerging macroeconomic climates of Asian nations. Overall world recovery in underway, and it is just a matter of time before the Chinese GDP catches up with more developed countries. Jan Häggström was able to portray complex information in an inteteresting and easily understood manner. This multidimensional topic was regarded as widely useful by our participants, and the international mixture of part-takers made for interesting conversation.