EU Initiative on CleanTech and Trip to China March 2017

Published Fri / October 21 / 2016

Possibility to get EU Financing for CleanTech Business in China incl. Trip to Bejing March 2017

EU Gateway | Business Avenues is an exclusive initiative supported by the European Union. Apply now for support in boosting your business!

Companies that are selected to participate will have the following benefits:

  • Privileged access to focused business opportunities
  • Targeted meetings with potential business partners and key contacts
  • Readily available market intelligence
  • Participation in large sector events
  • Low entry costs
  • Internationalisation coachingand support on doing business in Asian markets
  • Business support during and after the mission to facilitate the deal


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FBCS starts HR-Network among member companies - 上海芬兰商会会员公司人力资源平台成立啦!

Published Thu / November 26 / 2015

FBCS starts HR-Network among member companies.

Please forward this message to anyone in your organization who works with HR-related issues, and might be interested in interacting with other professionals.

The FBCS HR Network is a platform within the FBCS for member companies’ HR professionals and leaders to engage in discussion and sharing of experiences.

The FBCS HR-Network is planned to have its Kick-off meeting in December 2015. If you are interested, please sign up to the FBCS HR-Network at

Goal and mission of the Network: With solid professional knowledge and skills, HR professionals can contribute to their respective organizations as business partners, leaders, and – if needed – change agents. The aim of the network is to facilitate the sharing best practices and knowledge within member companies and strengthen the participants’ professional knowledge and skills so that can strive towards this goal.

Eligibility: Any person working for a FBCS member company who wants to discuss and share experiences that relate to the Network’s theme.

Language: The network meetings will be held in Chinese language.

After the HR Network has established itself,it will elect a steering group to coordinate the network's activities. Mrs. Grace Liu Senior Manager, Global HR Operations of Evac Vacuum Systems Shanghai has volonteered as the interim co-ordinator of the network.
在该人力资源平台建立之后,我们将选举出一个指导小组以协调各项相关活动。依凡克真空系统(上海)有限公司的全球人力资源高级经理Grace Liu已志愿成为我们的临时协调员。

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FBCS Member benefits program

Published Tue / October 27 / 2015

We are glad to announce the launch of the FBCS member benefits program. Please find below our current list of benefits offered to our members.

We will continue to work on expanding this list. If you as a member have any suggestions or comments – or would like to offer other members a benefit, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Teemamaa Kiina esittäytyy Helsingin Juhlaviikkojen ohjelmassa

Published Tue / March 3 / 2015

Lähde: Helsingin Juhlaviikot -

Helsingin juhlaviikot esittelee elokuussa 2015 Fokus: Kiina -teeman festivaaliohjelmassaan. Se on laajimpia kiinalaisen kulttuurin ja taiteen katselmuksia, mitä Euroopassa on nähty. Kiinalaisen uuden vuoden kunniaksi Juhlaviikot julkistaa nyt viisi taidetapahtumaa. Koko teemakokonaisuus tulee julki Juhlaviikkojen ohjelmanjulkistuksen yhteydessä 22.4.2015.

Nyt julkistettavat hankkeet tapahtuvat elokuussa lukuun ottamatta Amos Andersonin taidemuseon näyttelyä, joka on avoinna jo helmi-toukokuussa.

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China Theme, "Focus China" at Helsinki Festival 2015

Published Thu / January 29 / 2015

Gain visibility by partnering with a major China related event in Helsinki.

Good opportunty to inviting your Chinese customer and partners to visit Helsinki.

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Review: FBCS Annual General Meeting 2014

Published Mon / March 31 / 2014

Finnish Business Council Shanghai held its Annual General Meeting 2014 on 24th of March.

Please find the minutes of the meeting below.

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Finland - Focus on Economy and Technology magazine

Published Fri / March 14 / 2014

The digital (online) version of the yearly "Finland-Focus on Economy and Technology" magazine in Chinese and English is now out! Please let your teams -both in China and Finland- cooperation partners and other contacts know about it!

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Companies to present business cases for Aalto-Tongji University Course

Published Tue / February 25 / 2014

Aalto University is starting the course “Introduction to High-tech and Design Business and Venturing” at Tongji University.

The organizer of the course, Timo Nyberg, is searching for 3 companies to present their business case to the students (on Saturday March 15th, 2014 date to be confirmed) at Tongji Sino-Finnish Center (Design Factory). Typically these companies are small. The companies can be Finnish, Chinese, or any companies. The companies benefit from the lecture by getting a big number of interesting outside-the-box ideas from the student assignments and discussions, and through learning to know a big number of excellent students.

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