Would you like to join the FBCS?


The membership fees approved by the Annual General Meeting on March 30th, 2016 are as follows:

  • Corporations
    –Large:                                             RMB 6,000
    –SME or no operations in Shanghai:     RMB 3,000
  • Individuals                                         RMB 800
Definition of Large: Stock listed or over 1,000 employees globally. In unclear cases, the Board will have the final say.

Please note that we require from our members (both corporate and individual) some kind of affiliation to Finland. For instance a relevant connection to Finland, working for a Finnish company or being Finnish.

Please contact us at fbcs@fbcs.fi for more information and the Membership Application form.


The membership fee is payable within two months of the registration. Payment can be made at all FBCS events or by contacting our office at fbcs@fbcs.fi or +86 136 11977435. The membership fee covers the operational year (1.4.2016-31.3.2017).

Please note that as an unregistered organization the FBCS is not able to issue fapiaos for your membership fee. We will issue a written and stamped receipt confirming your payment.

Individual membership is available for Finnish Citizens who work for a non-Finnish company that is not willing to join as a corporate member of FBCS. Please note: Individual Membership is not intended as an alternative to Corporate Membership and the Board reserves the right to reject applications where Corporate Membership would be appropriate.

If you wish to apply as a individual member, you will have to briefly describe your situation. The board of FBCS will handle the applications on a case-by-case basis.