About FBCS

Mission and Purpose

The primary mission of the Finnish Business Council Shanghai, FBCS, is to provide its members with quality assured information and a forum to network with other likeminded individuals in order to share experiences and avoiding repeating of common mistakes. In order to fulfill this mission the FBCS arranges regular seminars, maintains a website, publishes a membership newsletter, organizes social events, and participates in joint projects with other Finnish or Nordic organizations.


In general terms, the FBCS is open to all Finnish companies, Finns, or employees of Finnish companies. However, as it sometimes can be hard to determine the origin or nationality of a company the rule-­‐work has simplified: Any company with a significant connection to Finland will be accepted as a member, regardless of where it is registered. For instance a China based company with significant business to Finland or with Finnish companies. Along similar lines, any individual with a significant relation to Finland may be accepted as a member, for instance a Finnish national living in China. In all cases the Board will have the final say about membership.

Premium Memberships

We have Premium and Supporting Membership -categories, which offer a higher level of visibility for our members. Below is a description of these services.

Sponsored Events

It is now possible to host a sponsored event together with the FBCS.

Are you finding it challenging to arrange events? Why not trust us to support you? We do this every day.

FBCS will provide the following service:

  • Arrange and book the venue based on mutually agreed dates and attendant profiles
  • Create and send the invitation based on mutual discussions and decisions (900+ names on normal mailing list)
  • Publish infomraiton about the event on FBCS website, LinkedIn and WeChat pages
  • Handle registrations
  • Hand over the latest list of participants including company names and email addresses
Cost: 5,000 RMB/event for members or 10,000 RMB/event for non-members. Cost for the food and drink at venue of choice should be paid by sponsor.
Please note that it is vital for us that all FBCS events are valuable and useful for our members and FBCS retains the final decision on what types of events it supports to arrange.
Contact us at fbcs@fbcs.fi for more information on any of these.